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    Summer Best-Sellers

    Two of my summer best-sellers! Ebony & Ivory 🎼 (just kidding). It’s Apple & Sage Goats Milk soap and Activated Charcoal Facial soap with Tea Tree Oil. The combination of fragrances is fabulous! If you’ve never tried Goats Milk soap, you should…there is something special…

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    Shampoo Bars – at last!

    I have always been interested in shampoo bars and after getting many requests from my customers I began researching and testing products early this year. Creating these fragrant, long lasting bars has been a super achievement for my little business as well as a wonderful…

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    Winter Survival Soap

    Unfortunately, there are still weeks of winter left (that’s a fact) but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have soft skin, a treat in the tub, a surprise for a friend, an irresistible fragrance in your shower or a piece of art in your soap…

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    New Year – New Ideas!

    For me, it’s impossible to be a soap-maker and live with the status quo. There is always that next, great idea lurking on the periphery that becomes like a stone in your shoe and in time must be addressed! Now, with a solid two years…

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    Holiday Soap

    At last it’s time to announce my line of 2018 Holiday Soaps! The posting of this message has come with much anticipation and also some anxiousness on my part. As soap makers can relate producing the right amount of soap in late September for the…

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