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Shampoo Bars – at last!

I have always been interested in shampoo bars and after getting many requests from my customers I began researching and testing products early this year. Creating these fragrant, long lasting bars has been a super achievement for my little business as well as a wonderful addition to my product line. The bonus for me has been the feedback from all of my product testers – they all want more 🙂

I love these colourful bars as they create a beautifully soft and dense lather that rinses out easily and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. But there are many more pluses such as…. shampoo bars are very concentrated so last a LONG time, they travel well, use little space to store, they are plastic free and leave a small carbon footprint.

Now available in the web shop and this summer coming to the Bracebridge Farmers Markets and other venues.

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