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New Year – New Ideas!

For me, it’s impossible to be a soap-maker and live with the status quo. There is always that next, great idea lurking on the periphery that becomes like a stone in your shoe and in time must be addressed!

Now, with a solid two years in the business I know which soaps are the strong favourites that have year-round popularity. I also know there are other soaps without the cache that I had hoped for that enjoy limited sales; they may be seasonal, novel (anyone remember salt bars?) or let’s be honest, ‘pas le meilleur’. With this in mind it may be surprising to know that while I am quite proud of my best -sellers, my creative self is grateful to those pokey selling soaps that become my window of opportunity to try something new.

So as a new year begins it’s the perfect time to reflect on two keys aspects of the business, which soaps will go on hiatus to make room for something new, and of equal importance, what might those new soaps be? As a guide, I estimate roughly a 70/30 split of best-selling soap to new ideas. 

In the soap business this is a decision that has to be made, but it’s not taken lightly. Using a combination of sales reports, customer requests and feedback (along with my own intuition) I’ll be taking three or four soaps out of the shop. 

In their place and coming to my web-shop in February will be four new winter products…..Cinnamon Sugar Scrub, Champagne Sparkle, Triple Butter and Pure Honey. In the photo above are Champagne Sparkle on the right and Triple Butter with the green and blue swirl. In the next two weeks I will be featuring more photos and details so my customers can get acquainted with these new kids on the block!

So this month I’m taking that saying “Out with the Old and In with the New” to heart and hoping that my new ideas make for great soap making ideas this year! 

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